Zelda: the opus that Shigeru Miyamoto hates – jeuxvideo.com

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Zelda: the opus that Shigeru Miyamoto hates – jeuxvideo.com

 Zelda: the opus that Shigeru Miyamoto hates - jeuxvideo.com

Zelda: the opus that Shigeru Miyamoto hates – jeuxvideo.com

Hideo Kojima almost made a game like The Boys

Hideo Kojima and assumptions about large-scale projects often go hand in hand. After Death Stranding, we are mainly talking about a horror game which would be called Overdose, but which has still not been confirmed. While waiting to learn more about the next game from Kojima Productions, the game designer, to whom we also owe the Metal Gear saga, mentioned on Twitter that he had another game in mind in 2019, a few months before the release of the first production of his studio. In two tweets, Hideo Kojima indicates that he was preparing a game in which we would have lived an adventure alongside two characters exploring the hidden side of superheroes. This kind of scenario strongly reminds us of the comics and the series The Boys. As a reminder, The Boys, adapted by Erik Kripke from the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, takes place in a world where superheroes are numerous, adored, and work within a large company taking care of them. place and manage them. But the latter are far from being as virtuous as one might think and some people are determined to drop the mask. The developer indicates that he had watched the first 3 episodes of The Boys and had stopped to continue later. At that time, he would have been about to launch a project that he had in mind for a long time, that he felt held back by the similarities between the concepts.

Miyamoto found The Wind Waker cringe

When presented at E3 2022, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was a bit of a cold shower, especially when compared to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The artistic direction in Cel-shading clearly did not convince everyone. However, once the game in hand, the players realized the nugget that is this episode, enjoying an adventure and a memorable end. You might be surprised to learn that Shigeru Miyamoto himself isn’t a huge fan of the game. in the making of the game. We learn in particular that the development team showed Link in his toon version to Miyamoto, Mario’s dad winced. Game director Eiji Aonuma explains, “If I had gone to talk to him from the start, I think he would have said, ‘How can this be Zelda? “.Miyamoto struggled to shake off Link’s realistic art style until the very end”.

A new record has just been broken on Twitch

Twitch saw its record number of viewers present simultaneously on a channel this weekend be shattered. A peak reached on Saturday evening on the channel of the Spanish streamer Ibai. The ultra-popular content creator broadcast the 2nd edition of La Velada del Año, which can be translated as The Party of the Year. The event consists of bringing together several influencers and having them compete in boxing matches. The success was there, as evidenced by the number of spectators who came to watch the event: 3.3 million spectators gathered in front of the Ibai stream last Saturday, on the occasion of the match between Momo and Viruzz. A world record on Twitch, which quite naturally smashes the previous one, which was two million for the streamer Thegregfg.

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