SNCF: the 25 funniest tweets about your favorite public transport (or not)

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SNCF: the 25 funniest tweets about your favorite public transport (or not)

SNCF: the 25 funniest tweets about your favorite public transport (or not)

SNCF: the 25 funniest tweets about your favorite public transport (or not)

The SNCF in France is a real institution. We often talk about it, and it is regularly subject to jokes of all kinds. We therefore propose to you today to familiarize yourself with of the 25 funniest tweets on the National Society of French Railways, while having a respectful thought for all the railway workers in France who get up every morning, whether it’s a holiday or Christmas Dayto do their job.


The sweaty sncf

May 24, 2021


the RER blocked at the platform because of forgotten luggage, all the SNCF teams looking for the bag, it’s not there’s a daron he grabs it he throws it on the platform, he empties it in front of them he shouts “there’s no mtn bomb, we’re leaving”

November 8, 2021


Colissimo, the sncf and the caf is the Bermuda triangle of incompetence

November 2, 2021


I got checked by the police in their car I had too much peeeeeeur moreover at the end of the check I ask them if they can give me a word because I was late for work they laughed they said “c is not the SNCF here »

September 10, 2020


The toilets that cost 1e20 in train stations is theft I swear next time I shit on the ground like a fox terrier

March 26, 2021


The sncf strike begins tonight. May destiny favor you

September 16, 2020


It’s scandalous !
Sitting opposite two children on the train, I asked to change places for more peace of mind and they refused me, on the pretext that they were mine!

May 5, 2018


Flash: Due to a snowflake, traffic is totally paralyzed on the entire RATP and SNCF network in Île-de-France.

November 30, 2017


– Congratulations, welcome to the SNCF.
– Thank you, when do I start?
– Tomorrow.
– Perfect, I’ll be there the day after tomorrow.
– You learn quickly.

August 7, 2017


The developers who are behind the redesign of the SNCF app I hope they are currently unemployed

April 7, 2022


Sorry to the guy who lives at 32 Rue Merguez you will have to pay 80€ to the SNCF it was either you or me

November 5, 2021


Price of a Paris-Brest:
Bakery: 2€20
SNCF: 40€

The state is manipulating us guys be careful

January 9, 2019


Users: Couldn’t you take a little more inspiration from the Japanese?

SNCF: Excellent idea! Like by creating a super kawaii mascot?

Users: No, we said that more for the punctuali…

SNCF: Tadaaah…!

February 21, 2019


The day when a competitor of the SNCF will come down from the sky I will be his biggest fan I can’t take this fraudulent company anymore

December 18, 2021


Thanks to the @SNCF, I will live my first time. First time a train I’m on is going to have to back up. The reason ?
“Madame, Monsieur, Nîmes station was… (PAUSE) missed by our driver”

August 26, 2020


The sncf which cancels my outgoing tgv but which refuses to reimburse me for the return tgv because it is not canceled
That’s the start-up nation spirit that we love

November 28, 2019


I went to SNCF Connect to buy a train ticket I landed on Parcoursup I am taking the science po fine arts orléans competition tomorrow I don’t tell you the stress

March 31, 2022


Couldn’t we give Elon Musk the redesign of SNCF Connect to occupy him?

April 25, 2022


Following a technical problem, no delay on the SNCF network today

January 8, 2018


To connect to the TGV’s Wi-Fi, you must enter your reservation number, this is to prevent someone from running very quickly next to the TGV to take advantage of the Wi-Fi without paying for the train

August 18, 2019


There’s a fly in the tgv, and I’m seriously thinking that she got in there in Paris, will come out of it in Montpellier, without knowing where she is, and that she’ll never find her fly family… I think I’m going to have to revise my dose of antidepressants.

May 31, 2019


I’m in the TGV in front of me, there’s a baby who just released a disgusting maxi burp in my face after his bottle but everyone released “mohh” lol this baby privilege is waiting for me to digest my tuna sodebo cocktail sauce that I answer you dirty razmoket

December 21, 2019


Starter pack TGV (jpp)

July 23, 2021


TGVs from Paris Montparnasse are beginning to arrive in Brittany. #containment3

March 19, 2021


“- The TGV 8837 initially planned for lane A will enter the station lane C”

December 30, 2021

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