Discover the 5 best tips to improve your retirement resources!

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Discover the 5 best tips to improve your retirement resources!

 Découvrez les 5 meilleures astuces pour améliorer vos ressources à la retraite !

Discover the 5 best tips to improve your retirement resources!

Retirement is a very dreaded stage of life for many people. Since we do not contribute for ourselves when we work but for the generation before ours, concerns are created. And if the future generation does not want to work to contribute for you, what will happen? And if the next governments decide to no longer take care of retirees? So many questions that are understandable and disturbing.

Fortunately, the government has not yet (completely) abandoned seniors. Indeed it has even revalued the pensions which from July 1, 2022, will be increased by 4%. Although this is not enough to offset inflation, which is already well over 4%, it is still help that we cannot afford to refuse. These 4% represent 60€ on a pension which is worth 1200€, according to the words of the Prime Minister. Such a revaluation is exceptional. It is rare for a revaluation to take place like this in the middle of the year. The latest dates back to January 2021 when the revaluation was 1.1%. This is quite insufficient and the State has been forced to increase seniors’ pensions in order to maintain the purchasing power of seniors, which is an important player in French commerce.

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Our tips to improve your end of the month

1 – Rent to complete your retirement

You probably have a house with several rooms, some of which are not used. Why not rent a room in your home to students. You can thus see people, transmit your knowledge and spend meals in good company, now that you are retired you have time to be able to manage this. In addition, many people do it with Erasmus students, so foreigners such as Belgians, so you can discover their culture and share yours. It’s a great way to socialize and pass on everything you know, it could also help you with shopping, for example, or household chores. Many retirees do this to help young people.

2 – Work on the web even in retirement

With the confinements, many posts are now available for teleworking, why not take one? Many posts do not require past experience or often offer online training for a few days or a week, being retired is not a hindrance in your life. In this way you could resume a professional life even on a part-time basis which will allow you to make ends meet.

If you don’t like working for someone, you can also start your own business on the internet, you just have to find what and how to do it!

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3 – Take care of your garden

You are in the countryside or have land why not garden like many retirees? We explain. If you grow fruits and vegetables you can sell them at very good prices! With the current situation, all prices are going up, so a good vegetable from the garden has a certain value now. People are willing to pay for quality on their plates when they can afford it. Just avoid spraying your crops with pesticides.

4 – Sell your know-how

You have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills during your life, why not provide a service. Surely you can help someone in an area that you know or know how to do. And it pays off!

5 – The freezer as an investment

The more you buy, the cheaper it is. So why not buy everything in bulk and save what you don’t use for later? It’s a way to save money in the long term, and no longer need to go to the store in an emergency because you have no more meat, you will have kilos in advance! Avoid creating shortages in supermarkets! Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you can’t invest.

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