The 10 raids you must farm to earn gold in WoW -

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The 10 raids you must farm to earn gold in WoW -

Getting rich in WoW often requires spending a lot of time in-game or at the auction house. It is possible to win hundreds of millions of gold, but some of you probably don’t want to devote yourself to specific and sometimes rather off-putting activities. However, there are other ways to earn gold, such as farming old raids to resell items that are sometimes highly sought after. With the gold obtained, you can have fun in game or convert it into euros for your wallet… and why not buy Dragonflight 😉

Dala GG posted an interesting video in which he gives 10 old raids that he thinks are particularly profitable. If you’re lucky, you can win a lot of gold. And if you have a lot of them, you will find particularly rare loot.

  1. Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj : No need to kill the bosses, you can pull all the trash and chain kill them to get transmogrifications. The raid is not long to do, count 25 to 30 minutes, but it is particularly profitable. you’ll be able to sell a lot of transmogs to the AH this way.
  2. Blackwing Lair : Very interesting if you are a skinner because you can get a lot of dragon scales. Additionally, the raid is full of ancient recipes and Nefarian has a very small (0.2%) chance of dropping the Orb of Deception, a toy that transforms the caster to look like a member of the faction. opposite for 5 minutes. There are also quite a few transmogs.
  3. Serpent Shrine Cavern : If the raid also offers objects appreciated by lovers of transmogrification, it also has particularly rare pets: the Stalker of Coilfang (Lady Vashj), the Tainted Ondulin (Hydross) and the Captain of the waves (Morogrim).
  4. Molten Core : Dark Iron Ore is a consistently popular component, as is Blood of the Mountain which drops specifically from Lava Destroyers and is used to forge certain items. Note that Ragnaros can also drop the Orb of Deception. Finally, and it is important to note, Molten Core can also allow you to eventually craft Thunderblade, blessed sword of the Windseeker, in case you collect legendary weapons.
  5. Sunwell Plateau : The Isle of Quel’Danas raid is quite well done and allows you to earn a lot of gold with transmogrifications and recipes from what could be called the old world. We find one or the other mascot, but it will be preferable, if we want to make the most of our time, to limit ourselves to trash.
  6. Temple of Ahn’Qiraj : You will go to AQ40 mainly to find two pets. The first is the Anubisath Idol which drops from Twin Emperors (20%) and sells easily in AH. The second is Viscidus Globule which drops 28% on Viscidus.
  7. Karazhan : A raid well known for its transmogs and ESPECIALLY for its profession recipes. The advantage is that you can limit yourself to trash. If you feel like it, you can also kill the bosses to get 4 pets: Evil Imp (Terestian Illhoof), Lil Bad Wolf (The Big Bad Wolf), Menagerie Keeper (The Curator) and Netherspace Abyssal (Prince Malchezaar).
  8. Siege of Orgrimmar : We are mainly talking here about recovering the mascots Bombinette Boite-Noire (Siege-engineer Boite-Noire), Gouttelette d’Y’Shaarj (Sha of pride) and Kovok (several mobs) which are sold very expensive in AH . Be careful, the drop rate varies from 0.7% to 1%, so it’s quite low. You can farm in Normal mode.
  9. Twilight Bastion : Ideally do this in Heroic mode (25 players) to increase your chances of dropping Cataclysm crafting materials. On the mascot side, it will above all be necessary to aim for Twilight Nest Sister (Valiona). Plan to use a Treasure Discovery Potion to increase your loot.
  10. Lands of Fire : Raid on Heroic difficulty as well, and also with a Potion of Treasure Discovery. The idea here is to recover a lot of compositions from Cataclysm.

The full video can be seen below and the author gives some additional tips like doing several trash runs before doing a full raid cleanup.

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