salary increase in sight to avoid strikes this summer -

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salary increase in sight to avoid strikes this summer -

Soothe social anger so as not to jeopardize vacation departures. This is the objective of the SNCF as it prepares for a national strike on July 6, the eve of the summer holidays. The four representative unions (CGT, SUD-Rail, Unsa and CFDT) which are demanding “measures to catch up on wages for inflation” call on all workers in the French rail network to stop work.

Enough to paralyze the departures of the trains which will take holidaymakers to their holiday resorts. But the CEO of the SNCF, Jean-Pierre Farandou, still hopes to be able to avoid it. Asked about Public Senate, he assured that Ihe great departures are not threatened, and that is important”greeting the sense of responsibility of the unions (which) do not want to hold the great departures hostage”. We can reassure the French for the big departures during all the holidays, I think that there will be no social problems at the SNCF ”said again the one who wants to believe that maybe it will not take place, this strike”. And to add: we will discuss to try to avoid it »remarking that it should only last one day anyway.

SNCF: competition is coming, the strike remains

Deal urgently with these hot topics of purchasing power”

We are perfectly aware that, yes, railway workers, and in particular the lowest salaries, have difficulties given the increase in the cost of living”he noted. We need to see each other to deal urgently, indeed, with these hot topics of purchasing power”he added, noting that he was too early “ to say what would be the complement to add » to the annual increases already recorded, but overtaken by the rebound in inflation. It is necessary to satisfy legitimate social demands, and at the same time, to preserve the great balances “warned Jean-Pierre Farandou, who said to himself involved in these meetings” with the unions. The CGT-Cheminots, SUD-Rail and the CFDT have indeed denounced that SNCF railway workers are “faced with rising inflation and no general increase since 2014”. The rise in prices reached 5.2% in May over one year, its highest for 37 years.

Possible increase in ticket prices in 2023

“We put the subjects on the table, we try to build a balance, because increasing wages is one thing, but there is also an economic issue: it costs, and we must pay attention to the repercussion on ticket prices, for example. (…) It is necessary that at the end of the year, the company remains balanced so as not to cost the country “, he added. The boss of the SNCF has, in fact, repeated that the public company should perhaps increase the price of tickets next year, to pass on the rise in the cost of electricity, raw materials and ” maybe (…) salaries”. ” In 2022, we are not increasing. In 2023, we wonder, we will see by the end of the year how our costs evolve. (…) The decision has not yet been made”he said.

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