here is how to top up your monthly pension very easily -

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here is how to top up your monthly pension very easily -

Retirement pensions are calculated according to what you have worked. But clearly, you will not have 100% of your salary upon retirement. Thus many people seek to invest, so as to have income in addition to their pensions.

Investing to prepare for retirement

We hear this word everywhere in our society “invest”. For good reason, the devaluation of the euro, and therefore the awareness that tomorrow the euro may have lost in value and therefore you in money. Older games will tell you to invest in gold, which does not vary. Others will tell you about NFT, cryptocurrency, etc., but these investments are risky and cannot be done, if you don’t want to lose everything, without a very good knowledge of this area.

Source: Pexel

SCPI shares

If SCPI still does not speak to you, maybe its acronym will help you. This is a real estate investment company. Other than gold, stone remains a rather stable area. Of course, everything can change and be devalued. But buying SCPI shares brings many advantages. This particular method can successfully bring in very good annuities.

Yield SCPI to sweeten your retirement

Investments in SCPIs are not reserved for retirees. On the contrary, if you want to prepare for your retirement, don’t wait until you are no longer active. And if you just want to have an efficient investment without thinking about your retirement, this technique will suit you too. Buying performance SCPI units allows you to recover funds regularly. These funds will supplement your end of the month.

To buy these shares, there are different methods. For those with enough money on hand, you can make a cash acquisition. A unit is worth between 100 and several thousand euros. However, the recommended minimum amount is €20,000 to start with. It is also possible to take out a home loan. Banks are generally more lenient with people who want credit to save. They seem safer and more thoughtful than young people who may never be able to repay.

Source: Pexel

SCPI of dismemberment

Breaking up simply means sharing a single property in bare ownership. SCPI shares can also be dismembered or shared. Thus, it is recommended to become bare owners. This would serve to keep shares but without having income. Even if the one who invested does not receive dividends, this one will have zero taxation, a good advantage.

Dismemberment still has rules. A temporality is set for the dismemberment which is therefore included in the contract. After that, the bare owner recovers full possession of the property and can therefore begin to have the rent that his shares generate. The goal would therefore be for the dismemberment to end when the time comes for retirement.

Advantages of SCPIs for retirement

This investment is a great opportunity to be present in the real estate world and earn money without having to deal with the usual problems of tenants etc. And SCPI shares are easier to divide for the heritage, than a physical good.