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The watchmaker Yema, founded in 1948, announces the official launch on its website of its new Superman 500 equipped with an in-house Yema2000 caliber, water-resistant to 500 meters and available with a vintage black dial or a contemporary blue dial. A modernized construction and technical improvements have been made in order to position it as the ultimate French professional diver’s watch. Count 1,190 euros.

Yema Superman 500

The Superman was originally marketed in 1963. At the time, this reputedly indestructible timepiece was chosen by the French Air Force to equip its pilots. This model was also chosen for and by major French expeditions (Serge Debru, globe-trotter; Lionel Terray and Robert Paragot, high-level mountaineers).

Much later, in 2017, the Superman was relaunched by the brand (Bisontin Ambre group) in a version almost identical to the original model and since then, this watch has had several versions and variants.

Today, this historic diver returns in its probably most accomplished version. The most extreme. The most ultimate. Indeed, the Superman 500 is the model of all superlatives: a manuf’ caliber and water resistance to 500 meters.

Yema Superman 500

This Superman 500 will be available online from tomorrow, June 29 at 4 p.m. in 39 or 41 mm with black or blue dial; a first series of 200 copies in numbered editions engraved with a unique number from 001 to 200. For a delivery first week of July 2022, not too late to take it on holiday by the sea and test it in real conditions.

For almost two years, we have imagined and worked on an evolution of the Superman model. Our desire was to bring to this mythical model of our collection, technical improvements and a modernized construction while preserving its iconic design. Say Yema officials.

Thus, the famous glasses holder “, very characteristic and centerpiece of the Superman, patented in its time by the brand, has been redesigned to ensure a better fit between the crown tube and the bezel stopper. The latter is therefore more stable.

Yema Superman 500

To do thisspecify the designers, we had to redesign all the components of the bezel and the crown. Additional bores at the bezel have been made allowing for optimized travel of the pawl spring and more precise alignment of the bezel insert “.

On the other hand, the architecture of the crown has been completely reworked. The length of the tube between the crown and the bezel lock has been modified, giving it better notching and better stability. In fact, when winding and setting the time, in the unscrewed position, the crown offers an increased feeling of solidity and quality.

In addition, our ambition was to also provide it with a fundamental technical improvement to allow it to be adjusted even on the surface of the water before immersion. pursue the designers of this French diver. A new arrangement of the crown seals provides more rigidity when in use, but above all to benefit from a water resistance of 3 bars in the unscrewed crown position. It will now be possible to adjust the setting of the bezel and its bezel lock on the surface of the water “.

Yema Superman 500

For the rest, this Superman 500 has a 2.60 mm thick double-domed sapphire crystal. The latter offers better readability, increased resistance and a resolutely vintage appearance (especially in the model with black dial and cream indexes).

The glass has been reduced by 0.3mm on its height and widened by 0.6mm on its external diameter while preserving 2.6mm in thickness, which has the result of making it more resistant on the driven part while keeping the DNA of its so-called “Ice Box” shape.

Main characteristic of a diver and in order to offer this new Superman with a water resistance of 50 bars or 500m, the bottom of the case goes from 1.5mm to 2.2mm thick. We find the famous historic Yema coat of arms stamped with a hydraulic press and now treated by different microblasting processes for a better rendering in relief.

Yema Superman 500

On the dial side, we have moved from Standard Grade Superluminova to a more efficient BGW9 Grade A Superluminova which ensures increased readability. A fundamental point for a diver. The luminescent mark on the graduated bezel and the luminescent arrow-shaped hand provide the diver with an accurate indication of the dive time in poor visibility conditions at the greatest depths.

On the engine side, this Superman 500 is powered by optimized components. In fact, it embeds the in-house Yema2000 caliber in its dives, which offers performance slightly superior to that of competing calibers with a daily drift* of +/- 10 s/d and a power reserve of 42 hours. It should be noted that this movement is devoid of its date disc as well as its associated notch at the level of the crown.

It should also be noted that the fastening system between the caliber and the middle has been modified to ensure better retention of the movement and thus increase its resistance to shocks and vibrations.

Yema Superman 500

The elimination of the date function allows for a sleeker and more harmonious dial design with perfectly symmetrical elements. All this gives it a sober finish while enhancing its readability.

In the blue version, the color of the aluminum bezel and the matte dial (with white indexes) changes from dark blue with a navy shade to a blue-black metallic shade depending on the amount of light. In the black version, the aluminum bezel is black combined with a shiny dial with cream indexes which reinforce the vintage look of this version.

The 316L steel bracelet has an extension so that it can be easily and quickly adjusted over a diving suit.

​In addition, specially designed for the Superman 500, the new FKM Viton strap has been studied for intensive use in all extreme conditions thanks to its light, flexible and very resistant Viton material as well as dust resistance. The latter is equipped with a folding clasp in 316L steel. Finally, for everyday use, a brown leather strap accentuates the neo-vintage look of the Superman 500.

Last point, the Franco-Swiss Jura Arc being more and more integrated, Yema is now working with new local packaging suppliers for a more responsible and better quality production. Werthanor, a Swiss company located 15 km from the workshops and which works with the biggest watch brands, is one of the main suppliers.

*Maximum drift +/- 25 seconds per day

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