finished! Here's when you can no longer use them from July 1st, beware -

القائمة الرئيسية


finished! Here's when you can no longer use them from July 1st, beware -

What is the restaurant ticket?

Meal vouchers are assigned cashless means of payment. That is to say, they can only be used to pay for food products in restaurants, large and small distribution. Employees pay between 40% and 50% of these meal tickets. He then receives them in the form of a notebook. Originally, these tickets exist to allow employees who live too far from their place of work to eat without spending too much money.

Over time (and the crisis), they are increasingly used to pay for groceries. If users are supposed to give only one, some brands tolerate two restaurant tickets as payment. It is (logically) not possible to buy alcohol with it.

The restaurant ticket card has been democratized and is presented as a bank card. However, it can only be used for food shopping, with a ceiling of 19 euros per day. But that changed with the covid-19 crisis. The government has decided to increase this ceiling to 38 euros. However, from July 1, it will no longer be possible to reach this limit.

Meal vouchers must be used only on weekdays

While inflation is reaching record highs, we don’t know what stung the members of the government to announce such a measure. Not only does the ceiling go back to 19 euros, but restaurant tickets can only be used on weekdays. On weekends and holidays they do not work.

However, while the French are tightening their belts, this signals the end for them of certain pleasures, such as restaurants with friends. Difficult to understand the timing of the government. While the increase in certain aid is planned for this summer (APL, activity bonus), here we are told this news about restaurant tickets.

Inevitably, on Twitter, Internet users have expressed their dissatisfaction. If some understand the decision and recall that restaurant tickets cannot be used as desired, others regret that the government is acting as if France is not currently going through a period of crisis.

Employees consider that, as they pay for restaurant tickets, they should be able to use them as they wish. This is a debate that could go on forever, but the government has made its choice. So, remember the date of July 1st.

Inflation in France, does the government really help the French?

The announcement of a 3.5% increase in the APL has made Twitter cringe. If this sounds, without perspective, like an increase in aid (and therefore good news), the reality is different. Ian Brossat, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of housing, said that he is not fooled about this alleged increase in aid:

In its great generosity, the government plans to revalue the APL by 3.5% or 168 million euros. After having reduced them by 15 billion euros in the last 5 years. I’ll take 100 from you, I’ll give you back 1. Isn’t the manipulation beautiful?“, he wrote on his Twitter account.

This message is a reaction to the publication of Bruno Le Maire on Twitter: “ Until the end of June 2023, rents cannot increase by more than 3.5%. With inflation, they could have increased by more than 5%. This rent shield will be accompanied by a 3.5% revaluation of the APL. Faced with rising prices, we protect the French“.

Internet users regret that it is always the same people who are protected by the government. ” A user summarizes the situation as follows: The joke! Concretely, @BrunoLeMaire announces that he will give us on average 8€ more APL (if we touch some). While letting the owners increase the rents by 25€. Clearly, €17 lost per month, but be happy: the rich could have taken more from you“.

In this time of crisis, the country seems more fractured than ever.