Aircall passes the $100 million revenue mark -

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Aircall passes the $100 million revenue mark -

Jonathan Anguelov has fun. The co-founder and CEO of Aircall, the French specialist in cloud telephony, says that every morning, his 750 employees are all informed, via internal messaging, of the group’s growth and turnover. The information was, however, never out of the offices… It is therefore with relaxation that he announces it this Tuesday morning: Aircall has made, since the beginning of the year, more than 100 million dollars of turnover. The young company, founded in 2014, expects to complete the financial year around 132 million dollars.

Despite the current crisis, all the lights seem to be green, says Jonathan Anguelov. “We are making $1 million in additional revenue per week”, welcomes the leader. The group, which is not listed, had no obligation to publish these figures. Why do it? To attract new potential investors? ” No wayreplies the manager. We are simply proud to have passed this milestone. » Jonathan Anguelov is pleased that Aircall is now “a centaur”. That is to say a young shoot whose sales exceed 100 million dollars. In his eyes, this indicator is much more valuable and meaningful than the valuation alone.

“We are continuing to grow despite a less than ideal economic and financial period,” continues Jonathan Anguelov. We are also on the road to profitability, which we hope to achieve within about three years. Saying it publicly is also a way of preparing for the transparency that will be expected of us when we are on the stock market. »

An IPO in 2024

The staff of the group, which has raised 226 million euros since its inception, wants to list Aircall on the stock market by 2024. Until then, the company wants to continue to grow. Aircall now generates 30% of its turnover in the United States. France represents 15% of sales. France is followed by the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the Nordic countries. The group has recently established itself in Australia, which represents approximately 7% of turnover. Aircall’s next hunting ground is South America. The company plans to open an office there soon.

Aircall now has more than 13,000 business customers, totaling “hundreds of thousands of users”, says Jonathan Angelov. The leader says he is confident in his solution. “The market is very deephe continues. We could achieve 1 billion turnover with this product. But the objective is of course to complete it, to make it evolve. Artificial intelligence applied to the voice can allow us to go further, with tools for analysis, transcription…”

To boost its growth, Aircall relies in particular on partnerships with telecom operators, who have privileged links with companies. At the start of the year, the group signed an agreement with Deutsche Telekom, the incumbent German operator, for it to integrate its solution into its B2B catalog. Other similar partnerships could see the light of day. Aircall discusses in particular, on this front, with Orange, SFR and Free.

Pierre Way