In the Third World War, who will the Arabs stand with ? 2022

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In the Third World War, who will the Arabs stand with ? 2022

In the Third World War, who will the Arabs 

Putin once said it

If fighting is inevitable,

You have to hit it first."

What do we can need in a world that does not have Russia

Putin to order strategic nuclear forces
Prepare for war! What if a third world war broke out? What will 
the Arab situation be? And with whom will the Arabs be? Or rather, what will the Arab economic situation be like? Before anything else? ... The war that the Arab countries will not 

win and you won't lose it at the same time but for sure will be involved in it, Will this be an opportunity for the 
Arabs? “To integrate their issues into the global mood?”, Gulf states out of war But it is not immune to the crisis, Why 
might the Gulf countries be affected by the repercussions of the Ukrainian crisis? What are the direct Gulf fears of an 
outbreak of war? Why do the Gulf states find themselves at the center of the tensions? 

 International between Russia and the West?
Russia's war dominates Ukraine On the agenda of world leaders. Including the Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries oil 
exporter. (The Egyptian Arabic Republic) Recently, Russia banned tourism from everyone Except for the Republic of Egypt, 
what does this mean?
 While the Egyptian side holds the stick from the middle Standing on the sidelines of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis,
Egypt rejects US Western pressure to condemn Russia in its war against Ukraine.
And while reports say that relations between Egypt are consolidating, which is considered one of the most powerful 
countries in the Arab world and the world between Russia, in exchange for doubt about its relations

With the American side..

 (Algeria is the country of a million martyrs) 
Algeria is the largest Arab country by area. which gave a million martyrs due to the European invasion,Will you be the 
savior of Europe today by compensating them for Russia's gas? The Ukrainian crisis prompted many questions,
If Algeria will play the role of an alternative to Russia's gas? If the situation worsens and the latter cut off supplies on the 
European continent? In light of good relations between the sons of the Sahara and Moscow?
(Strong relations between Algeria and Moscow) Algerian-Russian relations are characterized by being strong
 Since Algeria's independence in 1962,Both sides are diplomatic and military.
Moscow is Algeria's top supplier of arms. According to observers, its purchases ounted to billions of 
dollars Over the past few years, including aircraft "Sukhoi" and "MiG" and another for transporting soldiers and 
helicopters And tanks, in addition to 6 submarines, and vanced air defense systems. Algeria and Russia signed in 2001,
A strategic partnership agreements for cooperation in a number of fields, Similar to the military, commercial and energy sector.
Algeria's Sonatrach is also linked to hydrocarbons Close relations with Russian energy companies Similar to 
Gazprom, "Lukoil" and other companies. (Iraq and Afghanistan are the best evidence) Arabs see the disasters that America has 
produced During its intervention in Iraq, the Arabs will not forget More than a million Iraqis were killed as a result of the US invasion. As for Afghanistan, America wreaked havoc on the earth.
I came out after twenty years of messing around, Even the Afghan people are selling kidneys To face poverty, college prices fell, That once ranged from $3,500 To $4,000, 
to less than $1,500 Since the Taliban seized power. (This evidence makes Arabs think a thousand times
before allying with America again) (injured Yemen) The Ansar Allah Houthi group, 

which controls over the Yemeni 

capital, Sanaa. Officially it is with Russia's right to maintain its security, And that the
 Russian invasion of Ukraine is nothing but a Russian affair Internally, it does not belong to the West and America. While the Yemeni people have been suffering from war for years It is led by the Gulf states against the Yemenis, which made Yemen The poorest country in the world right now... Does the UAE stand with the strongest?The UAE has been a strategic ally of America
In the region, it was even one of the first countries The printing press is with Israel, and here Tel Aviv whispered
In the permission of the princes of the Emirates to announce their refusal
 Russia's invasion of Ukraine, but here was the surprise. The UAE announced its support for the Russian decision without 
prior warning.
(The map of alliances is crystallizing in the Arabian Gulf)
The Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohammed bin Zayed, confirmed
Russia’s right to defend its national security.”

According to a statement by the Russian Foreign Ministry.

For decades, the two powerful powers marched in the Gulf,
UAE and Saudi Arabia, to the rhythm of the United States,

The UAE left its American ally out of fear and terror from 


When it comes to voting, in the UN Security Council,The UAE has ignored Washington's pleas Instead,

 it joined China and India  In abstaining, “What is the most significant frustration of Abu Dhabi of American policies. Saudi Arabia is one of the world's largest oil exporters If not the biggest, rich ally of America In the Arab countries, the US-Saudi alliance was It proceeds according to the rule (oil for safety and protection). Not only Saudi Arabia, but many Arab countries You pay the Americans for protection, and what protection, gentlemen! The Egyptians say: Its protector is its thief.) But Saudi Arabia refused an American request to raise oil production To hit Russia's oil market, it knows that any participation In putting pressure on Russia, it may force Riyadh In a direct confrontation with Moscow, Saudi Cabinet announces its commitment to the agreement (OPEC Plus) with Russia, despite mounting pressure Kingdom to increase production. Qatar, for its part, called for restraint.
sitting at the negotiating table, But the Qatari side also will not want to confront
Directly with Russia after Western American pressure Qatar will cover Europe's gas imports.
This means that Qatar will leave China, the main importer of 
its gas, China is Russia's most important ally, and Qatar is She does not want to be hostile to Russia, she also does not 
want to The hostility of China is the countries that are  expected to lead the world after the current crisis... military 
bases) Building foreign military bases in many countries of the Arab region, Focus mostly on countries with strategic locations 
The task is geopolitical, either because it has natural resources such as oil and gas, or because of its important 
geographical location In global shipping routes, the American presence is considered It is the largest in the Arab region. 
It includes more than 60,000 soldiers in Arab countries ferent, with a French and British presence,a Russian presence in Syria,
Or an emerging Turkish presence trying to balance With the rest  f the foreign military bases. Although the US military bases
It is present in the Gulf countries and most of the Arab countries. While Russia has a military base in Syria,
However, the Arabs fear the hostility of Russia more than their fear From the hostility of the United States of America!!
(Thus, we know why the Arabs stood by the side the former American and why are they leaving him now, Everyone is trying 
to please Moscow. Everyone stands with the victor, and the victor is the strongest. And the current crisis shows that it 
 is only a few days Moscow controls Kyiv?)
Reports say that “the Russians have become strategic partners.”  with the Gulf countries and the region, especially Some 
political files, such as the Syria files Yemen and Libya, as well as in some diplomatic files, In addition to the files for 
the armament, As well as trade relations that have witnessed progress In recent years, all of which made Russia
 Become an important player that the Gulf countries need to be  to calm the situation in the region. While Arab countries 
import their wheat From Russia or from Ukraine, which is now close from entering under the authority of Moscow. Countries 
such as Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and Yemen Iraq, Syria and Lebanon seem to be on one side Russia is in the current 
crisis, to secure its food, Or to convey their issues and grievances to the Western mood, While the Gulf states do not 
want an enemy like Russia and its allies China and North Korea, Gulf countries have learned a lesson from their alliance
with America throughout the previous period, They do not want to repeat the mistakes of the past, But it remains to be said 
that most of the current wars It is primarily political. In politics, there is no ermanent friend or permanent enemy. 
As the Egyptians say,(Interests reconcile uncle)...