The decisive war that will determine who will be victorious, Russia or Ukraine

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The decisive war that will determine who will be victorious, Russia or Ukraine

The decisive war that will determine who will be victorious, Russia or Ukraine, and a new ally may enter it

 The horror scene that he fears Ukrainians today to Mashhad

It will make it an easy catch for planes Ukrainian march. You may convert
to twenty degrees below zero. What will
Due to the inability to reach the fuel supplies of Western newspapers. but that
Relays may shift within hours
Russia or Ukraine
And as his ancestors fortified before him, he went
Putin to invade Ukraine armed
Soviet. As that fight to point
Comma in the whole war. where granted

in history. It is the battle of Barbarossa famous. Where an army then tried
For Russians seasoned to fight in the cold. Estimates say that the army

Also, the process of returning to the Russian lands would be impossible. under shadow

At night that atmosphere. Necessarily It will freeze and it will be difficult to turn it on again.

A great victory for them by preventing them from advancing towards Capital. So what will the Russians do?

Few to a frozen iron pile. no She can move or do something.

below thirty degrees. this time It's different. Since the days you indicate
Always at low temperatures Extremely. And sometimes reach what

Chill in repelling the Swedish invasion on
The land of the Russians. What is the most popular support?

They were unable to withdraw from
their points. What made them easy prey?

where you come from. Cold stop a Swedish invasion Hitler and others invaded. And the paper was

You can reach one of its areas and it will be resolved winter. Then you have to come back from 

The Allies outnumbered Germany. A large part of Hitler's army was destroyed.

The Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. And that As the judgment day approaches, as you describe it,

The British newspaper, The Times, says: Until temperatures reach The absence of tankers and even fuel. Is it Will the old Russian ally appreciate his family?

History, specifically in the year Seven hundred and seven. The role he played

human history. It was the cold of Russia A tyrannical presence in one of the most famous battles  Of them only a few thousand to Paris. The Russians hunted down what was left of them Moscow always wins. but
Today may the magic turn on

 syllables At the same time, some freeze   mechanisms and freeze the fuel in them. What His enemies did it in the past and he surrender to the enemy. The tanks stopped Bonaparte was not killed with swords or bullets Russians. The cold prevented them from arriving

Winter was our disaster. we became Russian weather victims. with this

Enemies and not with his family. in spite of  From the fact that the Russian army is a training army   Hitler invaded Russia but got stuck in
Actually Stalingrad. When you reach a degree the temperature is below thirty degrees percentage. Freeze German mechanics. 
Coming from the North Pole. has All near Kyiv, specifically to the east. Where

 is the weather forecast in Russia? And Ukraine to very cold winds

their historical Winter. but This time it may be an ally with Satellite images to exist Huge convoy slowly moving towards Soldiers are unable to escape. I fell
The massacre of them by the army the coast. Winter may be gone
with his friends in Ukraine. and cause

in between and ice. And in the World War The second is the intervening war in
The French number then reached Six hundred thousand fighters. but no longer
Low grades helped stop The French army advanced. even if they 

The French army led by Napoleon invaded Tsarist Russia.

Once. If you want to invade Russia, you have to
Get away from the winter. but definitely to Moscow. To stop their crawl And declare their defeat to the world. that

Words describe the French commander His defeat by the Russians of his wife. Soldiers

The biggest came in a year of a thousand
Eight hundred and twelve. That's when
Will he turn against them this time? Across
The long history of Russia or even
Soviets. It was a cold winter The region is a strong ally of its people. He remembers

The defeat of the Russians at the gates of the entity. So what is the winter wars with the Russians?
Your natural weapon Russia kills its enemies. And protect it all Or do Putin's forecasts know why?
will happen.