Russians Can’t Even Control One City’ Let Alone All Eastern

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Russians Can’t Even Control One City’ Let Alone All Eastern

.‘Russians Can’t Even Control One City


good evening everyone we begin the Readout tonight with Vladimir Putin's

crawl putin continues his terror campaign against ukraine's civilian population pulverizing residential infrastructure with missile strikes

again today

his latest target was a nine-story high-rise apartment building in the

capital city of kiev where russian Force struck just after 5 a.m catching


russian missiles struck a military


russian missiles struck a military base killing 35 people outside the city of la

vie in the west less than 15 miles from the border of Poland, its close proximity to a nato ally raises the very real The possibility that russia could draw

western powers into the war president zielinski issued an ominous

warning about that prospect yesterday the conflict spills outside Ukraine's


the ukrainian president also visited Wounded soldiers at the hospital sunday assignment for time magazine when he was shot and killed in the kiev suburb of erpine this comes as foreign journalists flee unmasked from russia itself unable to operate under the kremlin draconian new law that effectively bans the expression of any opposing views in fact a new video released by an activist group in moscow appears to show the brutal efficiency of putin's crackdown on dissent the orwellian scene shows police arresting an interview subject in red square at the very second

She expressed her opinion later in that video it appears another

mariopol where russian forces have been indiscriminately striking residential

apartments .

that city along evacuation routes today

reserves of food and water the new york times reports that the only thing that

draws people from their basements and bomb shelters aside from scrounging for food is the daily hope




nearly 2 200 people have died in mario paul since the start of the war

according to government officials and we now know that number includes


pregnant woman the pregnant woman and her baby whose tragic story captivated the world those devastating images last

week captured her fight for survival after russian forces needlessly and


mercilessly bombed a maternity ward now gut-wrenching new reporting today

portrays a scene of desperation and distress as doctors labored to keep her

alive quote


realizing she was losing her baby me now

as painful as that is to hear that is the reality of putin's brutal war and

he's becoming increasingly mired as he pursues the age-old folly of regime

change in ukraine


in an ominous new sign of russia's intentions russian forces have

cities under their control


one of those mayors being escorted away by russian troops on friday yet according yet according to the


washington post ukrainians continue to


push back against their occupiers signifying

standing up to and shouting down russian troops now let's remember this is a country that putin thought that he could bring to heal within 48 hours


but the reality is that he hasn't met his short-term military objectives on

the ground let alone a grand strategy of replacing president Zielinski with a russian friendly puppet and given putin's request for help from

.Join me now is nbc news correspondent cal perry in la vie to ukraine msnbc national security analyst clint watts and evojin

klipto poktenko a ukrainian chief a ukrainian chef sorry and winner of

master chef ukraine and i apologize for butchering his name cal i want to start 

with you first because you know early on in this war um being in levive generally meant being safe that was the route out of town if you look at a map

. the wa